When Sara Zin began painting what she adored, chances flooded in. Here, the artist shares her best food illustration hints with Gemma Taylor

When Sara Zin struck a wall with her artwork, she had been hungry for meaning and hungry for great food. Never learned to cook, she decided to begin a site of recipes, painting what she produced from watercolours before submitting them online. The Starving Artist Cookbook is the end result of the calendar year’s journey. As educational as it is inventive, Sara’s story is a testament to painting everything you love rather than what you need to.

At the moment, Sara had taken a rest from the stress and psychological seriousness of painting in oil and picked something up that she had not done since high school, watercolour.

As her website of recipes obtained a following, an chance to make them as a exemplified cookbook arose. After months of suggestions and edits with American writer Countryman Press, the book finally became a fact.

Sara shares her best tips for meals illustration achievement:
1 FIRST I TAKE PHOTOS of this meals in my Canon handheld, telephone, or anything can catch the best light. Possessing great reference shots is indeed important, since it is all about the info that’s there and you can not make that fact if it is not there.

2. I SKETCH IT OUT then paint it onto watercolour block newspaper, cold press, then glued onto the sides so that it will not pick up after painting. I have recorded it to a board before, but I believe that is too much hassle, so I favor ready-glued paper.

3. HAVE A MEDIUM you feel comfy together and draw it all out. I strategy watercolour like petroleum and know white area, therefore I am careful not to worry them. Traditionally you’d do clogs, but I only go from left to right. Sometimes I’ll employ a mild wash to make it a bit easier, however I love to go from 1 corner to another, operate on just a small amount of the centre, and join them. It is quite a random method.

4. I use an extremely little 5/0 watercolour brush for nearly all my painting and it took some time to realise that this was that the brush I wanted. I kept trying to utilize bigger brushes to secure cleaner wipes, however in the long run, I really needed the detail and although it takes two times as long to paint, it is well worth it.

5. I SAY THIS FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE, however, the largest challenge in painting, whatever medium you use, is only doing the job. Perhaps not getting held up with fears of things to paint or feelings that you are not good enough. The only way to obtain real knowledge would be to repaint it over and over again. It is inevitable that there’ll be a rough stage, in which the job isn’t in the level which you would like, but push it and continue. That is the only way to get much better.